Host Families

hostHomes, hosts, and families are as diverse as the people of the U.S. Different and unique in many ways, all American Family Homestays offer the experience to learn and share a view of the American culture. As a homestay student, you will get the opportunity to live with people from diverse backgrounds and different cultures.

Our American families consist of couples with children, single parents with children, single women, single men (this option is not available for single female students), retired hosts, people of North American/South American/European/African/Asian descent.


All of our families provide students with an experience of what American culture is like, and are English speaking families where English is the primary language spoken in the home. The type of home varies from host to host. While some hosts live in homes, others live in apartments.

Families are located anywhere from walking/biking distance to a bus ride to the school campus.

Host Family Testimonials





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