International Students


Why AFH?

American Family Homestays can enhance your American cultural experience.

American Family Homestays allow international students to be a member of the family and community.

American Family Homestays allow for more interaction, conversation, and cultural exchange with English speaking Americans.

American Family Homestays allow students to have privacy in his or her private bedroom in the host’s home.

American Family Homestays provide a safe, clean, comfortable, and caring environment for students.

American Family Homestays are fully furnished with a bed, desk, chair, dresser, good lighting, and closet space.

American Family Homestays hosts and students are supported 24 hours per day by local, live representatives to answer questions and to provide support.

American Family Homestays are close to campus and easily accessible to public transportation.

The Benefits of Homestays through AFH:

Personal and Convenient: Students can apply online or in person. The application will be entered into our database and an AFH representative will quickly contact you. You will have a one-on-one interview, where we will get to know your personal needs and requests. We are a family based company, which means that you become a part of our family and community. We will make the best possible match based on your personality and the personality of our hosts. You will never reach a machine, but will always be contacted by a live person. Our students receive 24 hour support for any questions, answers, or assistance that may be needed. Students can call us anytime! We promise to make the best possible match between students and hosts.

Security and Screening: When AFH receives a prospective host application, we review the application, check their background, and personally visit the home to meet the hosts and view the accommodations. Once a prospective application is accepted, the hosts are properly informed and instructed on their responsibilities and duties. At that time, the host becomes a part of the AFH family and community. Our hosts receive 24 hour support for any questions, answers, or assistance that may be needed. Hosts can call us anytime! Be rest assured that we will do our best to make sure our homestays are comfortable, safe, and supported.

Reliability: We currently work with Sacramento State University, American River College, and Sacramento City College. We are local and pride ourselves in providing quality student support to our international students. We are happy to assist our students and hosts with any issues or problems in our homestays, at any time. With AFH, we always take care of FAMILY.

How to Apply for an AFH Homestay:

Contact us!
We would like to get to know you better. The only way we can find you the RIGHT family is to get to know you like FAMILY. Please fill out our online homestay application.

We will contact you to confirm!
After you submit your application, we will contact you for a phone or video interview. At this time, we will answer any questions you may have and give you any further instructions.

Payment and Deposit
Before we can complete your profile and match you with a host, we will ask you to secure a payment and deposit.

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